Baby Prams v/s Baby Strollers: Key Differences

Baby pram and baby strollers are wheeled devices meant for babies and young kids. The terms are used interchangeably by some people; however, there are some inherent differences which distinguish them from one another. Both the prams and strollers have become highly popular among young parents as they offer a convenient mode of taking their baby along while they perform their daily or weekly errands.

Considerations while buying a Baby Carriage

It is the objective of every parent to keep their babies as comfortable as possible when outside their house and this becomes a top priority criterion when buying a baby carriage. However, which among the two should be their preferred choice will become clearer when they understand the key differences between the two of them. They are enumerated through the following factors.


  • A baby pram is a mobile device that enables parents of small babies to move about with their babies safely tucked into the pram.
  • Baby stroller is a mobile device that enables parents of toddlers to move around with their kids sitting upright in the stroller. The kids in a stroller are a little older to the ones moved around in a pram.

Suitable for:

  • The term pram stands for ‘perambulator’ and it is meant only for infants or newborns who have not yet learned to sit upright.
  • The stroller which is also known as buggy or pushchair in some regions is meant for toddlers who have learned to sit upright.


  • The design is similar to a basket with wheels and has a soft cushioning at the bottom which enables the baby to sleep peacefully in it.
  • The design is similar to a chair on wheels.


  • The pram has a canopy which stretches half-way above the carriage to shield the baby from dust, heat or rain. There are no safety or harness belts.
  • There may be a canopy in the case of a stroller too but the harness, crotch, and safety belts are always present.


  • The pram is weighty, non-foldable and not very portable. Hence, carrying it on a vacation or holiday is difficult.
  • The stroller is comparatively lightweight and foldable too. It can be carried easily from one place to another and becomes a must include item during holiday packing for parents of young toddlers.


  • The pram’s carriage is at a greater height from the ground.
  • The stroller’s chair is much closer to the ground.

On a Concluding Note

Prams and strollers are two different modes available to parents for transporting their babies. It is likely that new parents may find it confusing about making the best choice between the two. The choice will have to be made based on the baby’s age and traveling conditions. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned differences will bring about greater clarity on which best fits their requirements.  In today’s times, however, there is a new form of baby carriage which is a hybrid between the two. It offers the features of both the pram and a stroller and makes for a practical buying decision.


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