Tips for Choosing an Apt Baby Stroller for the Jogging Parent

Jogging strollers prove highly useful for parents who want to continue with their exercise routine and also spend time with their baby while they do so. However, some additional considerations have to be looked into while purchasing the jogging stroller as its functionality differs a lot from that of regular strollers.

Safety Considerations

The safety aspect is heightened in case of a jogging stroller. The main safety aspects to be considered are:

5 Point Harness: This is the feature by which the baby remains securely tied to the stroller. The harness crosses over the shoulders, hips and goes through the legs of the baby and acts as a protective shield against major injuries in case of accidents. 

Efficient Brakes: The brakes should be effective in locking the wheels and bringing the stroller to a halt once engaged. The brakes should provide ease of use and effective functioning.

Canopy: Every stroller comes with a canopy; however, ensure that the canopy is adjustable. This will enable the baby to look into the outside world and not be totally covered by the canopy’s shade. It is essential for the canopy to be fitted with a peek-a-boo window so that you can take a check on the baby as you jog.

Jogging Surfaces

Jogging surfaces to a large extent decide the choice of the stroller wheels. There are varied types of wheels to suit varied roads and terrain. For example, if you want to jog on rough terrain then the apt choice would be bigger wheels about 20” in diameter and rigid front wheels. Or if the movement of the jogging stroller is going to be restricted to malls and city streets then the wheels need to be smaller in size. About 12” diameter rotating wheels are apt for crowded or smaller routes. If you are unsure about your jogging surface then medium-sized wheels will be an ideal choice.


The stroller should be capable of being pushed in a straight direction with a single hand. Swiveling rear and front wheels offer smooth and easy turns. Adjustable handles to suit the height of the parent will also afford ease of maneuvering.


The toughness of the stroller will be determined by the materials used. Welded aluminum joints instead of plastic will hike the stroller toughness. Aluminum will not break, crack or wear out quickly as in case of plastic.

Comfort Quotient

The baby’s comfort is supreme and to ensure this it is essential for the fabric to be soft and non-allergic. It should be removable as well as washable as it can be cleaned if it gets messy.

Size of the Stroller

Strollers come in varied sizes to suit the needs of your family. The size also determines the weight of the stroller and this factor will be crucial while making the right choice of your stroller.


Purchase of a jogging stroller has to be made after careful consideration by the new parents. The above tips will help in making the right decision.


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