Newborn Prams

    Holding your newborn in your arms is the biggest joy of life, but when you need to move around for the routine chores, you’ll need a pram, so that your darling can rest and enjoy the outdoors while you go about the routine. Our newborn prams are a perfect choice for on-the-go parents i.e. who love to jog, shop and walk around with their baby.  

    Lightweight, sturdy and superior finish ensure that you and your baby enjoy a smooth ride. Our newborn and toddler prams are available in several designs that will woo your hearts. They are specially designed for babies just a week old to preschool toddlers. The design has a generous canopy and an easily operable recliner seat which will protect your baby from heat as well as rain. Our sturdy prams also provide you maximum storage in which you can keep all the essentials for your kid while you are out with them.  

    Features like adjustable height allow parents to change the height of the pram according to their comfort. The amazing brake mechanism on two places, viz. hand brakes and foot brake allows you to stop the pram very easily even when you are jogging. Our prams give absolute safety to your child with safety harness which will hold your child and cushiony pad of harness won’t make them feel uneasy.

    When it comes to comfort, this pram manufacturing has come a long way and have presented many modifications. Our latest models of newborn baby prams have cushiony and paddy neck and back supports for your child. The soft and breathable fabric makes for a relaxed and cozy space. The large wheels and great suspension also add brownie points to the ultimate comfort for your kid.  

    Come explore the world with your baby in newborn pram today!