Travel Strollers

    Travel stroller is blessing at airports and even when you are shopping at the mall or want to go for a walk with your little angel. Travel strollers are a hands free way to carry your darling and allow the baby the flexibility of sitting or sleeping comfortably in the stroller.

    Our perfectly designed strollers are compact that they can easily fit in almost everywhere, yet is big enough to keep the baby comfortable. The wheels can be removed and the stroller can be folded to easily carry them anywhere. These are best for carrying your little partner with you. The feather light weight makes it easier to move around with the baby in it. The high quality rubber coated tires are strong enough and won’t get suspended or punctured easily.

    The comfort of your dear one is utmost importance when choosing a stroller. Cuteably travel stroller comes with UPF 50+ level of protection from the sun with canopy. Plus, there’s an additional rain protection layer to keep your baby dry in case it pours.

    Our travel system stroller ensures the baby can enjoy a peaceful sleep with the reclining seat, which can be adjusted as per the baby’s comfort.

    Our stroller is built with different swappable layers which can be easily cleaned by just wiping them. So, even if your darling spills in the stroller, you don’t need to worry about the hygiene as the stroller can be wiped clean effortlessly.

    The ample extra space in the stroller makes it easy for the parents to carry the baby essentials without having to carry an additional bag.

    All in all a travel stroller is your perfect choice no matter if you are taking a stroll in the city or walking down the long winding aisles of the airport!