Tripple Strollers

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    Handling triplets while on the move can be difficult…but not anymore…with our super comfortable and stylishly designed triple strollers. Our strollers are designed keeping the safety measures in mind and perfect wheel locking system so that the babies are safe and at ease while on the ride.  With our uniquely designed triple strollers, the babies will enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, while bonding with you.

    Our strollers come equipped with three well-cushioned seats so that your triplets can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride. The front-facing seats make the child comfortable as they are able to interact with the parents. The seats can be switched to various configurations so that the child can lie in a comfortable position.

    The strollers come with an essential safety harness so that the child can remain safe. There are three sun canopies as well to protect the babies from the scorching heat. There are leg covers as well which keep the child’s leg warm and make the stroller the right choice for winters. The strollers are available in different colors, so take your pick!

    Our strollers are available in three and four wheels options allowing the parents to select one as per their need. 3 wheel stroller is the perfect choice since they are lightweight and facilitates easy movement without huge physical effort.

    Underneath the stroller, comes the extra space where you keep store all the baby essential things needed to keep the babies comfortable while on the move. The stroller can be easily folded when not in use!