Umbrella Strollers

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    Your little wonder needs to get a taste of nature and fresh air to help them grow well. Cuteably umbrella stroller is designed for the convenience of your little ones as well as you, especially at the time of travel.

    Easy to push and navigate, our Umbrella stroller is one of the best gifts one can give to the new parents or buy one for you. Spend some quality time with your cutie pie on the sidewalk, when you go jogging or at malls. The reclining seat ensures that your baby can take a nap when needed. A wind resistant rain cover offers protection to the child from rain as well as sun’s harmful rays. The umbrellas are made up of breathable material which provides genuine ventilation to your young one.

    The frame is light in weight and highly durable thus making it effortless for the parents. The umbrella strollers also have suspension feature which helps a great deal in eliminating the bumps on the way and ensures a safe, smooth ride.  The adjustable handles provide ease in taking your toddler out on a walk. The impeccable wheel locking system aid in keeping the stroller grounded firmly at one place.

    The handlebars come with a coating that allows a firm grip to the handle. It is also provided with a cup holder so that the parents can enjoy a drink while on the jog or evening walk. One of the best features of our product is that you can effectively fold it and keep it anywhere viz. inside a storeroom or in the trunk of your car.  Plus, you also get a detachable bag placed at the handle which provides ease to parents in keeping their belongings while they take their darling out for a walk. Trendy, cool and attractive features make our umbrella strollers the best buy!