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Milk bottle, cup holder for strollers

A convenient cup holder for the wheelchair user to place a mug/glass whilst enjoying a drink
Can be mounted to the front or side on the armrest tubing on most wheelchairs with a separate armrest


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If you are looking for a cup holder in which you can carry milk, smoothies, soup or other  thick shakes for your kid while you take them on a stroll or when you go shopping, then this baby stroller milk cup bottle holder will come quite handy to you. It is a multipurpose bottle holder which can be easily attached to a pushchair, bike, buggy, and stroller and on a pram. So whether you are travelling with a baby, are out for shopping or have taken the baby to stroll in the park, this cup holder will let you carry baby food conveniently and safely.

Features of the cup holder!

  • This brand new cup holder is made using high quality plastic. It is durable and will serve you for long time to come. 
  • You don’t need to worry about spillage when you manoeuvre the pram or the stroller across the town as the holder snugly holds the bottle.
  • It is also very easy to install. 
  • It can be attached in any direction and angle you think will be comfortable for use for you and the baby.

This simple yet elegant cup holder is an absolute essential for your pram!


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