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Newborn baby pram, 2 way stroller

  • This 3 in 1 baby stroller pram is very easy to carry.
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity of the pram is around 15 kg.
  • The padded seat of the pram redefines the comfort offered to the baby.


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NEW 3 IN 1 Baby Pram Stroller Shock absorption two-way Stroller 

Redefine elegance, class and convenience by which you can effortlessly carry your baby around with this new 3 in 1 baby pram stroller. Buying right pram is always a challenge for parents as they seldom know what to look for in a pram at the time of buying. But not anymore! This 3 in 1 baby stroller pram makes sure your baby is comfortable and secured and at the same time you can easily take you baby to stroll without any hassle. 

Features of the pram

  • This 3 in 1 baby stroller pram is very easy to carry. It is a light weight pram made of aluminium and weighs around 10 kg. So even if you are travelling alone without any help you can easily carry your baby in this pram.
  • Maximum load bearing capacity of the pram is around 15 kg. It is ideal for taking children of age group 0 to 36 months on a stroll or run in the park. 
  • Padded seat of the pram redefines the comfort offered to the baby. The seat is removable as well as reversible. You can reverse the direction of the seat facing towards you or keep it front facing depending on the mood and requirements of the baby. 
  • The seat of the pram can be easily reclined in three positions. So depending on the requirement you can either keep the baby sleeping, half sleeping or in sitting position. 
  • Canopy of the pram offers protection to the baby from direct sunlight and heat. The canopy is made by UV fabric and offers optimum protection from UV rays of the sun. It is an adjustable canopy which can be easily adjusted up to three reclining position. 
  • Pram has front swivel wheels with 360 degree rotation. Both front and rear wheels of the pram have quick release along with four wheel suspension design. It also has a shock absorber spring for strong absorption of ground shake while travelling on uneven terrain. Wheels have front lock system to keep the pram in control on uneven terrain. 
  • Quick, easy and convenient folding system lets you fold the pram single handed and makes it ideal for use while travelling.  

This is undoubtedly a best buy and offers optimal value for money…After all, your cute bundle of joy deserves the best!




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