An addition to the family does give the new parents immense joy and happiness but at times it can get quite overwhelming too. There is a lot of baby stuff that has to be shopped for and hunting for the perfect baby pram is one of the most important one. The following article enumerates certain aspects that have to be borne in mind while buying the perfect baby pram for your bundle of joy.

Know Your Budget

Prams are available in varying costs depending on the brand and type of store. How much you are willing to pay has to be decided by you. Will an inexpensive model which has all the required features be okay with you or you want to pay for more? It is best you do your research and keep your budgeted amount in mind before you buy.

Place & Period of Usage

Ascertain how long the pram is going to be used; will it be used for your next baby and if so then you need to invest well in a sturdier pram that will last longer. If not, you can buy an inexpensive brand and replace it later.

The place of usage is also a critical buying factor; if the pram is to be used for shopping malls or strolling then a baby pram will do; if you want to use it indoors for rocking your little one to sleep then a coach-built pram will do but if it is meant for outdoor usage then a sturdier all-terrain model needs to be chosen.

Size Factor

You have to be sure of the size you require; the size of some prams can be quite deceptive. The pram may seem to be small in the shop but when you place it by the side of your car it suddenly looks huge. Consider your residence location; a number of stairs if you live in an apartment and then decide on a suitable size. Also, verify for the presence of adjustable handles and its overall weight.

Adequacy of Space

Ensure that the pram has an optimum amount of storage space; not too less nor too large. While you take your baby for a stroll and if you happen to do some emergency shopping the pram should have room to hold your stuff. The access to the storage basket should be easy.

Provision for Weather Protection

The pram should have sufficient sun-shade so that your baby is well-protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Alongside, the airflow aspect is also equally important; check for a side-wall webbing to the pram as this will add to the baby’s comfort. Rain covers for the pram are needed too and verify that yours clip on securely. Rain covers combined with good airflow will keep your baby happy during a rainy stroll.


It is essential that you do not get overwhelmed by the different varieties and varied discounts; you need to check for the product quality and its features and you will have made a wise purchase!


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